Nanjo City, Oshiro Seinenkai


Our District

Located in the southern region of Okinawa, the district is full of happy, cheerful residents young and old. We are blessed with rich traditional performing arts such as the hatagashira, eisa, kumi-odori and others.

Our Group

Our group consists of 40 to 50 members, performing to slow-tempo accompaniments in unison. We are looking forward to our 14th participation at the Furusato Seinen Eisa Festival.

Description of Our Performance

The Oshiro eisa evolved to what it is today after being taught the art from Hamahiga Seinenkai. We have added our own arrangement to make it unique. It is distinctive that the men dance the hand dances usually danced by women.

Our Aspirations for this Festival

Proudly into our 42nd year since establishment, we are looking forward to putting on our best performance of the Oshiro eisa that we have inherited from the older generations. We hope that everybody from various districts will enjoy our performance.


Seinen (Youth) Furusato Eisa Festival Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefectural Seinendan Council)
■Inquiries TEL:098-868-1756