Yomitan Village, Tokeshi Seinenkai


Our District

Although our district is located at the far end of the village, we have received awards and recognition in our arts. All of our residents, from children to the elderly, participate in the various traditional performance arts that have been handed down through the ages, and the district is full of vitality where everyone enjoys the Tokeshi Festival held every year.

Our Group

Our activities extend beyond eisa, participating in various events and functions in the district and the rest of the village. We are always doing what we can to contribute to the district, and the Seinenkai has hosted events as well. We are dedicated in our daily eisa practices and hope to pass on the art that we ourselves inherited from our seniors.

The Tokeshi eisa is headed by the Sanda, and then the large drums followed by the smaller and finally by the men and women dancers. The performance begins with the dance by Sanda and reaches an exciting climax that is both entertaining and inspiring.

Our Aspirations for this Festival

This is our fifth time participating in the Seinen Furusato Eisa Festival. We hope that everybody will enjoy the Tokeshi eisa that we all cooperated in unity to perfect.


Seinen (Youth) Furusato Eisa Festival Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefectural Seinendan Council)
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