Ishanagira Seinenkai

Program:Ishanagira Soron Angama

Our District

Ishanagira, or the district of Ishigaki, is located in the downtown area of southwest Ishigaki Island, with 1700 households making up a population of 3700.
In our district is the sacred site of Miyatori-on, an ancient heritage that is rare even within the island, and a proud part of our culture that is cherished by the locals.
Miyatori-on was the heart of cultural development where people from surrounding districts gathered to make up the rich culture that we boast today.

Our Group

Consisting of not just the local seinen including high school students, but those who have moved to our island from outside of the prefecture or even from abroad. We are proud of the various backgrounds of our members, hailing from completely different environments, connected in the common love of our district.
We believe that the source of vitalization of our district comes from the enthusiastic contribution from the younger generations. With this, we are active in various events throughout the year including the Soron Angama at harvest festivals.
In addition, we continue to contribute to our district by taking part in reviving traditional festivals, events and rituals, alongside the other residents in the district. Through these efforts, we hope to preserve our proud heritage and do our part in the various cultural advancement of our land.

Description of Our Performance

Ishanagira Angama
Soron Angama is an event held by the seinenkai in the Yaeyama region during the Bon in the lunar calendar.
Originally an event for the warrior class, it became part of the lives of the farmers after the Meiji Period (1912~) and has been inherited by the seinenkai of the island’s districts.
In this performing art, the elderly couple wearing masks, called Ushumai and Umi, visit homes where they have been invited, dancing and displaying dialogue alon with their descendant(s), called Fama.

Our Aspirations for this Festival

We have not performed the Ishanagira Angama outside of our island since National Theater in 2005 and at the 44th Seinen Furusato Eisa Festival, two years ago.
All of us in our group are looking forward to perform our proud and distinctive art of Yaeyama, and hope that the audience will enjoy a different kind of Bon performance as that of Okinawa Island.


Seinen (Youth) Furusato Eisa Festival Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefectural Seinendan Council)
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