Uruma City, Esu Seinenkai


Our District

The population of our district of Esu in Uruma city is approximately 1850 residents. Our Shi-shi Lion dance has been a part of our proud heritage for approximately 530 years, since the 1440s. We have performed this dance at various venues and won the Award of Excellence at an All Okinawa event.
Our local Nakahara Elementary School was newly rebuilt this year, welcoming the students to a brand new facility.

Our Group

We have always taken great pride in our inherited arts and at the same time, have added new sounds to our repertoire.

Description of Our Performance

One of the main characteristics of our performance lies in the changing tempos of the melodies.

Our Aspirations for this Festival

The Esu Seinenkai is a much unified group, dedicated in our daily eisa practices. We have adopted a new melody in our eisa accompaniment and have added changes to the style.
We are sincerely grateful to the residents of Esu for their understanding and support in our activities. We hope to thank our residents by putting our full efforts in our performance at this Festival.


Seinen (Youth) Furusato Eisa Festival Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefectural Seinendan Council)
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