Yomitan Village, Takashiho Seinenkai

Our District

The Takashiho district is located in the heart of Yomitan Village.

Our Group

Our members are between the ages of 16 to 25, participating in various events of the district all year round. We treasure the opportunities to connect and bond with the residents of our district and are working to bring more vitality to our area.

Description of Our Performance

The traditional performance art of Uma-mae has been handed down in Takashiho through the generations since before WWII. We have incorporated this traditional art into the Takashiho eisa, together with its vigorous and lively movements.

Our Aspirations for this Festival

We have been working hard to participate in this year’s Festival that is being held at the brand new Cellular Stadium. We hope to put on a show that our audience will enjoy until the very end.


Seinen (Youth) Furusato Eisa Festival Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefectural Seinendan Council)
■Inquiries TEL:098-868-1756 E-mail:okiseikyo@yahoo.co.jp